- learn to play the piano or electronic keyboard

Anyone who wants to play a keyboard should be able to learn at their pace and to the standard they want to achieve. At Personal Keyboard Coach, we take the time to find out what you would like to learn and master on your piano or keyboard.

Whatever music you want to learn, Personal Keyboard Coach can provide a simple arrangement for you to master and use that as the basis for learning. Because you learn something you want to do well, the learning experience is faster and progress more rapid. As you develop and master your music, Personal Keyboard Coach provides more complex arrangements and moves you on to more challenging material.

Every personal keyboard coaching session is recorded digitally and you will have a CD of the session as you leave. This enables you to review the whole session or help remember the bits you may have forgotten. It is also a great record of your progress as you build up a library of your improvement.

Let me give you a quick tour of our studios and let me explain what the Personal Keyboard Coach can do for you. Click on a studio to view.

With over 30 years experience in genres from classical to pop, jazz to country, rock to church, I will be able to help you achieve your musical goals. As well as being a professional musician,I have also been a record producer, session musician and have backed many overseas and local artists.

Each session is crafted with custom arrangements of your music. All session are on Yamaha equipment including Yamaha Upright acoustic piano, Yamaha PRS9000 and the latest Yamaha Motif XS8 Music Production Synthesizer Workstation. Each Personal Keyboard Coach Studio is equipped with audio digital software so students can use the electronic keyboards as digital audio workstations. Either of the studios will normally be available for editing, reviewing or recording work.

Personal Keyboard Coach students can book studios prior to lesson sessions.


to contact for more details click here and email Personal Keyboard Coach now or call 6421658433.